Ambient air Vaporizers

Requiring no external power, ambient air vaporizers convert liquefied air separation products (oxygen, nitrogen, and argon), carbon dioxide, and LNG into gas by natural convection heat transfer. These low cost units present a reliable and economical method of vaporization.
We offer a full range of ambient air vaporizers in different versions and for different customer applications.

MODEL CODE:AE – 25 – 4 – 2 – CO:

Ambient air Vaporizer with pressures up to 40 bar. Vaporizer was built into a standard 20-foot intermodal container.

It's equipped with safety and shutoff valves, controlling and measuring devices - a manometer and a thermometer to control working fluid pressure and temperature.
Designed to function up to 4.0 MPa, our middle pressure vaporizers consist of finned aluminum tubes with specific heat exchange surface of 1.4 m2 per linear meter. These devices can be used as pressure-building vaporizers.
Matrix (10×10); length of a single tube – 6.5 m; nominal capacity – 3,108 Nm3/h for N2
Fan Ambient Vaporizers reduce the amount of space required for natural draft vaporizers by adding an electrically powered fan(s). A natural draft vaporizer matrix is enclosed in a shroud with a fan(s) mounted on top. Air is forced down through the duct, increasing heat transfer.
Designed to function between 24 to 60 MPa, our high pressure vaporizers consist of finned bimetallic tubes with specific heat exchange surface of 2.25 m2 per linear meter. The vaporizer can be installed after a cryogenic piston pump and is designed to fill cylinders, bundles of cylinders, and other vessels with compressed natural gas or air separation products. The high-pressure vaporizer can supply high-pressure nitrogen into oil wells.
Heat exchange surface − 107 m2 ; length of a single finned tube – 3m; maximum allowable pressure − 45 MPa
Our compact pressure building vaporizers are designed to maintain tank pressure during liquid withdrawal. Passing through a common collector liquefied gas goes to all tubes of the high pressure vaporizer simultaneously. The process has been normally controlled by an economizer.
We offer stand-alone and skid-mounted vaporizers. Connection: tube fittings and flanges.
Many standard components for your cryogenic system (inlet and outlet flanges, globe valves, ball valves, return valves, safety valves, piston and centrifugal pumps, metal hoses, manifolds, cryogenic cylinders, and cylinder bundles) are also available.
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